Thursday, October 26, 2017

Five Indicators of a Fake Rolex Submariner

Craig Duling

A watch collector based in California, Craig Duling shares his knowledge about antique pocket watches on his website, Craig Duling also offers information on how to differentiate between a fake Rolex watch and an authentic specimen. The following list covers some of the basic ways of recognizing a fake Submariner Rolex.

1. Hands that rotate counterclockwise. If you set the time and rotate the winding stem clockwise, the hands will also rotate clockwise on a real Rolex. Hands that rotate the opposite direction of the winding indicate you own a fake Rolex.

2. Rolex crown symbol. Rolex began mirco-etching the brand’s symbol beneath the 6 o’clock position on the underside of the crystal. The symbol is almost impossible to see with the naked eye on an authentic Submariner and requires the use of a magnifying glass and a near perfect positioning to view. Manufacturers of fake Rolexes may put the crown symbol in plain view to reinforce the association.

3. Multi-colored illumination. The hands, hour markers, and dot in the bezel triangle on a Rolex Submariner illuminate as teal in the dark. You can check the authenticity of your Submariner by holding the watch under a light for a few moments, then bringing it into a dark room. Manufacturers of fake Rolexes often use cheap materials, which can illuminate in a variety of colors.

4. Caseback window. An authentic Rolex does not feature a window on the caseback that allows you to see inside the watch, so do not be fooled by this feature. Additionally, many fake manufacturers will engrave the Rolex name and crown logo on the caseback.

5. Fake sapphire crystal. The Submariner features a transparent sapphire crystal over the face of the watch. You can confirm the presence of a sapphire crystal by dripping a single drop of water in the center. If the drop remains in place and keeps it shape, then it is sapphire.

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