Friday, August 18, 2017

Factors that Affect the Value of a Pocketwatch

Craig Duling is an expert in rare timepieces who currently applies his knowledge as an antiquarian horologist as the owner of A former missile and space engineer, Craig Duling has extensive experience in the assessment and evaluation of pocket watches

The assessment and valuation of pocket watches, particularly vintage models, is extremely complex due to the wide variety of designs, styles, dates of production, and components. Identification, which requires the age and manufacturer to be pinpointed, is often a first step. Quality is also an important factor. The number of jewels, finish quality, and the materials used can be used to grade the quality of a watch.

In addition to the overall quality of the watch, the visual appearance and working condition are also factors that impact value. For example, water damage, cracks, or other damage can impact the internal functions and appearance of a pocket watch. Alternatively, unique features such as an uncommon effacement or diamond accessories, and the rarity of the watch can enhance value.

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